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The Making of An Entrepreneur and Her Multi-Million Dollar Company

Have you ever felt that nagging self-doubt, wondering if you had what it takes to start your own business? Have those voices in your head whispered, “Why would anyone want to listen to me?” If you’ve grappled with these questions, then this book is your beacon of hope.

Join Abby Lou Walker on a rollercoaster of a journey that will leave you believing in your own boundless potential. In “New Step,” Abby offers a raw and uproarious account of her unlikely path to becoming the President and CEO of a multimillion-dollar fashion business.

Abby defied the odds with unshakable determination and a knack for following her gut, even when financial backing seemed out of reach. Instead, she charged ahead, financing her dream on nothing but credit card courage. But what truly sets Abby’s story apart is her unflinching examination of the limiting beliefs she held about success and money, beliefs she had to shatter to realize her true potential.

Readers can’t help but laugh and cry as Abby candidly shares her journey, balancing the complexities of adulthood while searching for her passion. Her tale of overcoming “middle-age malaise” serves as a blueprint for crafting a more authentic and purposeful life.

“New Step” is your ticket to transforming doubt into determination, unlocking your entrepreneurial spirit, and realizing that your wildest dreams are well within reach.

Get ready to take your own “new step” towards a brighter, more fulfilling future. Grab your copy today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

Ali Brown
Ali Brown
Founder + CEO, The Trust
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“Follow a woman as she steps into her calling. Abby’s success stemmed from having the guts to ask a single question no one had thought to ask before. But she made sure to have the heartfelt dedication to follow it through.”
Melanie Hellwig White
Melanie Hellwig White
CEO, Hellwig Products Co.
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“Abby bares all about her journey into entrepreneurship. It’s a funny, raw, and real look at what happens—both professionally and personally—when you follow your intuition. . . . Her story is a gift, and it makes you believe anything is possible.”
Helena Escalante
Helena Escalante
Entrepreneur-in-Residence, The New York Public Library
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“I finished this book in two days—all while laughing and crying. It’s such an inspiring, motivating, and empowering story that it will make you reevaluate your life and your business . . .it’s impossible not to take action after you’ve read it.”
Rebekah Hall
Rebekah Hall
President, Kala
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“Too many times we get to see the ‘cherry on top’ version of an entrepreneur’s success. But Abby candidly details her highs and lows coupled with the real-world hurdles of surpassing her wildest dreams. A must-read for anyone who feels their vision is bigger than their current state of being.”

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