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Always Wear Pants

And 99 Other Tips For Surviving And Thriving While You Work From Home

Has your dream of working from home turned into a nightmare?
Does your home office seem more like a prison cell, with constant interruptions and distractions?
Do you dread Monday mornings, hitting snooze just one more time?

When I began working from home, I thought I had won the lottery. I would finally have the freedom and flexibility to work when and how I wanted. Then, reality set in, and it began to feel more like a curse. I was working longer hours but getting less done. My back was sore, I put on weight and became irritable—there were constant interruptions and distractions. And I was lonely. 

When hundreds of millions of people began working from home in 2020, I saw them make the same mistakes I had made. This book is a guide for anyone who works remotely. In it, you will:

  • Learn how to set up the perfect workspace at home, based on your space and budget.
  • Find out why you dread Monday mornings, and how to fix it.
  • Create flexibility in your workday for the things you care about.
  • Eliminate distractions and interruptions for balance between work and home.
  • Automate redundant tasks and reduce time sucks to get more done in less time.
  • Learn how to work alone without feeling isolated.

Whether you are brand new to working from home or have done it for years, this book will guide you through the simple, practical steps you can take to master the art of creating your dream lifestyle working remotely.

Kevin Rizer is an entrepreneur, speaker, and thought leader whose content has reached millions of people worldwide. Having worked from home for more than a decade, Kevin is passionate about helping others discover the art of working remotely and being happier in the process. 

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