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Extreme Healing

Reclaim Your Life and Learn to Love Your Body

Are you struggling to muster the motivation to move your body?

Are you wishing for a stronger connection with your physical self and better overall well-being?

Ever wonder if individuals with chronic health conditions like diabetes, cancer, or asthma can become endurance athletes?

What if I told you that people facing these challenges, including diabetes and cancer survivors who’ve endured trauma, can embrace the endurance athlete lifestyle?

In Extreme Healing, Mari empathizes with your journey. Childhood trauma left her disconnected from her body for most of her life. However, Mari discovered that exercise could bring her back into her body, where she initially felt uncomfortable. It became clear that improving health required a confident approach to exercise.

Extreme Healing is Mari’s journey of finding salvation through cycling, running, and triathlon. These activities carried her through trauma, type 1 diabetes, and three rounds of cancer. In this book, Mari shares hard-won wisdom and personal experiences, aiming to inspire and motivate you to embrace the endurance athlete mindset and lifestyle for your health, joy, and well-being.

In this book, Mari shares the path to salvation through cycling, running, triathlon, and cross-country skiing. Along the way, she found coaches, followed training plans, received nutrition guidance, and connected with like-minded friends who reveled in the joy of movement.

Embrace your journey to move an integral part of your health and wellness. Whether you dream of participating in races or simply desire a more active lifestyle, Extreme Healing offers guidance, inspiration, and a roadmap to transform your life.

Discover the secrets and mindset that endurance athletes embody to heal and thrive. You have the potential to become an endurance athlete and experience the profound benefits of an active, empowered life.

If you’ve ever wondered if you can truly embrace and love your body with all its unique characteristics, the answer is a resounding YES. Mari found her way, and she shares it with you step-by-step within the pages of this book. You’ll unlock the doors to joy, health, and overall well-being through movement and an endurance athlete’s mindset.

CEO, The Art of Well and NXgenPort
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This book shows how you, someone with chronic health challenges, can reclaim your health and reframe your struggles. . . . Mari’s unique life experience as a person with type 1 diabetes and a three-time survivor of cancer makes her a perfect guide for your endurance journey.
Author of Exercise with Type 1 Diabetes
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I recommend this book to anyone who’s struggled, who’s felt pain, who’s wanted to accomplish something but felt unsure. Mari’s story will inspire you to believe in yourself and keep working toward your goals.
MD, Endocrinologist
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Extreme Healing is a personal guide, adaptable to athletes of all levels and many different types of health challenges. Mari will show you a path of success.
Elle May
Motivation in a book!
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I'm between training cycles and decided to spend some time building my running confidence. Enter this book. I am not a reader. BUT, this book has been such a great read. The author's writing style is conversational - during the reading I feel like I'm talking to a friend. It's a relaxing, no pressure book with great relatable stories for everyday athletes. It's provided me with motivation to continue with my running journey, made me appreciate my abilities as a runner, and start to worry less about other runners and just focus on myself. There are good ideas for gear, training, race day planning. Suggestions on food and recovery plans. My favorite part of the book is that I haven't had to read it front to back - I can read specific sections that relate to me in that moment. Long, story short - this book does not feel like a chore. I liked it so much, I got a copy to give as a Christmas gift to a family member thinking about starting running.
So inspirational!
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I love this book. Mari has had so many challenges, but she has overcome them with infectious positivity. When I need a little inspiration I can open this book to a random page and find a good story or good tips to keep me moving forward. The book is broken into small sections which I find easily accessible. I also love the personal stories. Mari is so open and honest. This book is for everyone, whether you are very active or afraid to get off the couch and start an exercise program.
Daniel Docherty
A journey through lessons in life
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I've thoroughly enjoyed reading Mari's journey in life and learning about all of the challenges she has embraced and overcome. This book will inspire you and help you to find the positive amongst the worst situations that might come up in life. Mari's exudes enthusiasm, courage and fun in her book here. Pick it up and go on a long walk with Mari through her life and love for people, endurance and learning!
Anne P.
This Book is for Everyone!
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For those who have always thought they weren't made for endurance activities, this book will change your mind and lead you forward into a new "you" that works through the doubt and anxiety. For the seasoned athlete, this book is also an inspiration, highlighting that success is not arriving at some great victory, but is navigating the ups and downs of the journey AND experiencing the spirit and support of community.
Kitty Shea
Therapy meets fresh air, sweat and play
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I have shelves of personal transformation books, not one of which speaks to my athletic self. It's as if somatic work (getting into your body) is limited to breath work and other pursuits that only happen on yoga mats. Mari Ruddy takes the grist of therapy—the light and dark of soul work—onto long runs and bike rides, into swimming lakes and around cross-country ski loops. She guides us in getting OUT THERE as a way to process and release—to heal—all that's IN HERE (within), bringing a largeness to life despite its seeming insistence on throwing us curveball after curveball. Someone had to connect these dots. With her backstory and athletic cred, it could only be Mari.
Laura Beeby
This ain't no toxic positivity self-help book. This is the real deal.
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I don't have much patience for the old "I can do it, so you can do it" attitude, but Mari's book is different because of her empathy and humour. She makes the journey from the couch to athlete doable through small steps, acknowledging the difficulties without condescension. And using science, not platitudes. She's also a 50+ woman with chronic health conditions living in a climate with extreme changes from season to season...There are takeaways for everybody here, I think!

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