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Cycle Breaker

From Trauma to Triumph: Learn to Heal Your Past and Parent with Joy

Do you find yourself drowning in guilt after losing your temper with your kids, despite promising yourself to be calm? Are you exhausted from nicely repeating requests until you’re driven to scream?

If so, you’re not alone. I was in that exact position just a decade ago. After years of infertility, I welcomed my sweet baby boy, only to find myself regularly losing my temper as he transformed into a spirited toddler. The shame and sorrow slowly overwhelmed me, leading me to believe I was an undeserving mom. Following a particularly heartbreaking incident, I finally sought guidance through prayer that led me on a learning journey I never saw coming. I realized that my pain from my unhealed past was now spilling over into my parenting.

With gentleness and self-compassion, I was able to not only become the kind of safe and fun parent I wanted to be to our four kids but also, the person I wanted to be. I’m thrilled to report that respectful parenting delivers on its promises; enabling us to break the generational cycles of trauma that did not begin with us but can end with us.

Here’s what this book will help you do:

  • Understand Trauma: Gain insights into what trauma is and how it affects both you and your children.
  • Heal and Grow Together: Discover strategies for collective healing and growth within your family.
  • Provide Anger Management and Tantrum Solutions: Learn effective ways to manage your anger and help your child navigate tantrums.
  • Teach No-screaming Boundary Setting: Master the art of setting boundaries that foster a healthy family dynamic.
  • Foster Ownership and Independence: Understand how to create the life you want and cultivate your child’s natural leadership skills.
  • Find Purpose and Meaning: Embrace purposeful living and raise children who will change the world.

This is not just a parenting book, it’s a healing manual for your whole family. Within these pages, you’ll learn how to cultivate happiness, calmness, and kindness within yourself while also raising children who are resilient, kind, cooperative and future leaders. I invite you on my personal journey of becoming a cycle breaker.

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