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Reid’s life today is unrecognizable. After his 12-month “fun” experiment, everything has transformed. Reid thrived in a successful corporate career, enjoying a happy and above-average life. However, a yearning for something more led Reid to a transformative moment at a seminar by a NYT best-selling author. The revelation that “Fun is the highest vibration” and that focusing on living more moments of fun can effortlessly solve life’s challenges resonated deeply with Reid.

Feeling a surge of thrill and conviction, Reid embarked on his personal experiment. With a determined spirit over the next 12 months, Reid delved into the science of fun, documenting every discovery along the way. The simple yet powerful idea that “the more fun I have, the more dollars will flow to me” became the guiding principle in this extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

It turns out “Play” is the fount of abundance. What Reid discovered through his 12-month experiment with fun changed his life profoundly. Now, Reid is eager to share these transformative insights, knowing with certainty that they have the potential to change your life, too.

Ashley W.
Ashley W.
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"Reid is a brilliant intuitive and masterful with his work. He is able to translate vibrations from your Inner Being, guiding you back home to you. His brilliance of integrating practices and study of the Law of Attraction leaves you feeling inspired and having much clarity and direction for next steps with whatever you are focusing on. I have loved working with Reid the past year and would HIGHLY recommend him as your guide."
Mandee S.
Mandee S.
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"Reid is a gifted guide who helped me understand the importance of tuning to my real preferences in any situation, but perhaps the most natural gift he has is transferring his understanding of the goodness of each one of us simply by being in his presence. This was a life changing experience for me that I will forever be grateful for. I love sessions with him."

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