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A Journey from Ego to Heart

Are you an entrepreneur and ready for a new way of engaging with your team and your company? Do you yearn to feel more alive, passionate, and connected?

You started your business with a desire to create a lifestyle you love. One that includes more freedom for yourself while working on something truly fulfilling. But that dream of freedom and purpose has yet to become a reality. Instead of leading a life filled with inspiration, you find yourself:

  • Working longer hours than ever before
  • Struggling to manage and engage your team
  • Constantly feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed

When Sarah started her first company in 2009, she felt all these things. Despite reading book after book on best practices for business leadership, Sarah found herself loathing her team and feeling that everyone around her was incompetent. She had fallen out of alignment, and 40 hours a week had suddenly turned into 80+ and a lot more stress!

Fortunately, entrepreneurship and leading a team don’t have to be all hustle and no play.

Sarah’s journey from ego to heart reveals how to create a life of absolute freedom. She ditched everyone else’s way of doing things and embraced deep inner work to connect with her unique way of leading. It was the key to creating an empowered and engaged team of people she loves working alongside and an abundant lifestyle she’d always imagined. 

For Sarah, that lifestyle includes everything important in her lifeworking remotely with a global team, doing something she’s incredibly passionate about, traveling frequently, and waking up naturally each day (no alarms and rushed mornings!).

Sarah’s story will inspire you toward discovering your unique heart-centered existence as an entrepreneur, leader, and human

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