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Mandala Tree Press is a full-service, reputable, high quality publisher where we help leaders like you trust that their books and their message are well-represented.

The Inspiration Behind Mandala Tree Press

The center is a cork oak tree, Quercus Suber, commonly found in Portugal. The tree is very resilient and can live for over 200 years. The bark is strong and useful for many things, most commonly known for its use in the form of a stopper to seal wine and Champagne bottles. 

The bark can be harvested every 7 to 9 years and it regenerates itself. Cork bark is very durable and impermeable. 

It is a natural wonder with phenomenal and miraculous biological attributes. 

Like the cover of a book, the bark must be cracked open to reveal the special qualities that lie inside it. Cork trees, like writers, are unique. Hidden beneath their resilient outer layer, they vulnerably hold the stories of many years inside their core. Even after the tree is shed of its bark, it remarkably regenerates its outer layer over and over throughout its lifespan. The quality and character of cork produced by the tree becomes smoother and more refined after each harvest. 

In fact, the first two harvests don’t yield bark with enough consistency or smoothness to be suitable for use in bottles. Once the tree produces bark for the third time, it reaches a higher level of quality that is desirable to the market. All of this requires highly skilled agricultural workers who care for the cork trees throughout the process. They harvest the bark carefully using traditional methods by hand and the tree continues to grow and thrive as it regenerates more and more over the years.

This thoughtful and sustainable process resembles the core of our business. It exemplifies our passion and commitment to help genuine people become amazing published authors with a book of high quality to hold in their hands and share with the world. I think of the many skilled and talented coaches, editors, and designers it takes to help great writers with their endeavors to become successful published authors. Like writing a book, the first draft needs to be proofread, edited and further developed. It often starts out rough and isn’t ready to be birthed into a published book. Each pass advances the manuscript toward becoming more polished and ultimately refined and ready to publish. It is with this attentive care and support that writers nurture their ideas into words, then craft those words into books that can be published and make their way out into the world.

The surrounding circle, or mandala, represents the emergence of intense personal growth and transformation. The center of the mandala exists so that we can circle around it and return to it again and again with intention throughout our process of creation. This is paramount when writing a book. If someone has a strong sense of purpose for writing their story, then they will keep coming back to that purpose, their why, and push forward in creating their book. The mandala represents creativity with purpose, a vision and focal point to bring forth something new to the world. It is a symbol of connection, wholeness, and completeness—a powerful expression of self.